• Back Home in Brussels - 27 June

    Well getting up this morning was definitely painful!  The worst part was leaving our cabin for the last time.  But at least we will be back on the Magic in less than 6 months.

    Our flight out wasn't until 4pm, so we were able to spend some time in Barcelona with our friends Lisa, Daniel, and Leah.  Leah is in Jasmine's class at school, and they are getting on the ship today.  We are so excited for them!

    We had an interesting experience when we were going through security at the Barcelona airport...

    As we put our carryons thru the x-ray machine, I suddenly remembered that I'd forgotten to take my laptop out.  So I wasn't surprised that the agent looking into the x-ray screen motioned me over.  But it wasn't about the laptop.  He needed me to open the other carry on, because there were 2 metal objects he couldn't ID.  Well they turned out to be Jasmine's large Disney Med Cruise pin that came in a presentation case, and my Disney cruise line coffee mug.  He took some time to admire both of them.  Then he looked at the screen to see my carry on come through the x-ray machine with my laptop inside!  I apologized, and offered to take it out, but he said not to worry.  Then my backpack comes through with the 2 bottles of water that I'd intended for us to drink BEFORE we went thru security.  I'd forgotten about them, until the agent said, "tienes agua?"  He asked if it was for me or "la nina".   I said it was hers,  and he let me thru with it.  I guess by that time he figured we were too stupid to be terrorists!!  Yikes!

    The rest of our journey was uneventful and we were home by 7pm. 

    What an amazing trip!

  • Last Day at Sea - 26 June

    Our last day on the ship.  Where did the time go?  In keeping with our new habit, we slept in today rather than going to the character breakfast.  We spent the rest of the day running around the ship doing last minute shopping, getting our final pictures.  Trying to do as much as possible before we have to leave. 

    In the afternoon, Jasmine was in the "Celebrate the Journey" show along with most of the rest of the kids onboard.  It's so awesome to see her up on stage with her Mickey graduation hat and T-shirt.

    After saying good-bye to our tablemates and Wait Staff at dinner, we watched Remember the Magic: A Final Farewell.  Absolutely awesome!

    This evening we took some time to admire some of the details in the ship that we hadn't noticed before.  The Magic is such a beautiful ship.


    We barely got our luggage outside the stateroom by 10pm, and then finally got to bed by midnight.  Tomorrow will come early.

  • Villefranche - 25 June

    Today we had some time to do some walking and shopping in Villefranche. It is truly beautiful.



    In the afternoon we took an excursion to Monaco.  The view from in front of the royal palace was absolutely breathtaking.



    Of course no trip to Monaco is complete without a visit to the casino.  It's too bad there are no photographs allowed inside, because the artwork is incredible.


    Back on the ship we got to see a brand new show - When Mickey Dreams.  It was a cirque du soleil type of show and we loved it!  Afterwards there was a Party Paradiso deck party.  Jasmine learned how to juggle and spin a plate on a stick!


    We can't believe that we are one day away from leaving this wonderful ship.  In fact, we decided that since we've been so busy on this trip that we need a cruise to recover from it.  So we booked another cruise on the Magic for December.  This one will be to the Caribbean, and much more relaxing!

  • Marseilles & Pirate Night - 24 June

    Well we tried to get up for our shore excursion this morning, but no dice.  We decided we needed to sleep in instead.  We had a leisurely brunch and watched Meet the Robinsons in the movie theater.  Then we had a chance to play some basketball and shuffleboard, and meet Pirate Stitch before dinner.


    Tonight was the infamous Pirate Night onboard.  After dinner, Jasmine and I went to Walk the Plank, and got selected to play!  It was a lot of fun, even though I was the first one to jump off the plank into the "sharks". 



    After the game show we went to see Disney Dreams in the Walt Disney Theater.  It's one of the most acclaimed shows on any cruise ship anywhere.  And they've even improved it from the last time we saw it.  And then of course it was time for the Pirates IN the Caribbean deck party!  There was dancing, characters, fireworks, etc etc etc.  We had a blast! 



    True to form, Jasmine decided to hit the late night activities at the kids club.  But first she took care of the Towel Crocodile in our room!

    Villefranche tomorrow.  We're going to see Monaco and the Monte Carlo casino.

  • La Spezia - 23 June

    We got to sleep in again today, and then tendered ashore to La Spezia.  We had some time to walk around and do some shopping before our excursion to Pisa.  We took a bus and then a little train right up to the wall surrounding the city of Pisa.  We really enjoyed walking around the city, and Jasmine picked up a little statue of the tower to add to her statue collection.  We climbed the tower, yep ALL the way to the top.  It was a weird feeling, because we could feel the lean in the tower as we were going up.  The view was definitely worth the climb!  Afterwards we walked over to a little sweet shop where we were given platefuls of Italian cookies and chocolates to sample.  And when they mentioned that there was also gelato available, who could resist?  It was all included in our tour, but to be honest I would’ve preferred more time in the city.





    We got back to the ship late, but after a quick dinner up on deck we made it to the family nightclub just in time to get picked for Mickey Mania!!  We were the Donalds and had to wear some Donald Duck hats.  There were four teams, and the Goofy’s prevailed.  It was fun playing though.  After Mickey Mania we hurried over to the theater to see the crew talent show.  It was awesome!  They also had a Dancing with the Officers segment, and one of our friends had been chosen to participate in it.  She did a great job!


    We are in Marseilles tomorrow with an early tour.  We’re going to a soap factory to see how French soap is made.


  • 2nd Day at Sea - 22 June

    We definitely enjoyed sleeping in today!  Then we spent the afternoon on deck and at the pool.  Jasmine played games at the Micky 2-0 party, and earned enough shells to get 2 prizes. 



    In the afternoon we went to a Tea Party with Alice and the Mad Hatter.  MORE shopping, and then a semi-formal dinner. The show after dinner tonight was Twice Charmed:  An Original Twist on the Cinderella Story.  We'd seen it before, but it was as wonderful the second time around.  Then we went over to Studio Sea to play Who Wants to be a Mouseketeer.  The game was entertaining, but unfortunately, we didn't get called up to play tonight.

    I decided to call it a night, but since our shore excursion doesn't leave until 1:00 tomorrow, Jasmine decided to go to the kids club.  She closed the place down and came in around midnight.



    Tonight’s towel animal was cute, we think it’s a monkey but aren’t quite sure.


    La Spezia tomorrow.  We are going to climb the leaning tower of Pisa!

  • Rome - 21 June

    I somehow got Jasmine up and out of the cabin in time for our excursion into Rome this morning.  Our friends Stephanie and Taylor were on the trip with us.  Our trip included a private train from the port in Civitavecchia into Rome.  Right before we pulled into the station, Peter Pan came running into our car, was skipping around all over the place.


    Our guided tour included the Coliseum, the Trevi Fountain, and some gelato/shopping time before lunch.  We had a delicious lasagna lunch – Jasmine had her pasta with butter and Parmesan cheese again. 





    Then we headed over to the Vatican.

    After the Vatican we rode our train back to the ship – this time a Gladiator joined us on the journey.    On the train ride back, Jasmine and Taylor decided to go see Pirates of the Caribbean 3 that evening.


    When we got back to the ship, Chip and Dale were there to greet us!



    We were exhausted after our full day, well at least I was.  Jas found energy to go play soccer up on deck before her 9:15 movie.  I dropped her and Taylor off at the theater with drinks and candy, then went back to the cabin and crashed.  Jasmine came in around midnight, and ordered herself some room service before going to bed.

  • Sardinia - 20 June

    Today we docked at Olbia on the island of Sardinia. We had a nice relaxing morning on the beach. Jasmine built a Mt Vesuvius in the sand, but then smooshed it before it could do any damage!



    Back onboard we had a fun time on the ship. Jasmine got to do some Pin Trading with the ship’s officers and other traders.  We did MORE shopping onboard, and then after dinner went to a High School Musical family dance party that was so much fun! 



     We had front row seats for the new Art of the Story show, which of course was awesome.  And after the show we went back to the family nightclub to play Magic Quest.  It was a hilarious scavenger-hunt type game that was so much fun!  It was worth staying up late for, even though we have to get up early for Rome tomorrow.  Thank goodness the next day we are at sea!

  • Naples - 19 June

    This morning we boarded a bus and drove along the coast to Sorrento. What a beautiful city! We went to an inlaid wood factory and watched a demonstration of how they make the inlaid wood music boxes and furniture. Afterwards Jasmine and I picked up some beautiful musical jewelry boxes as souvenirs. We then had some free time to explore the city and do some more shopping, before we went out to a farmhouse for lunch. Before lunch, we got to see how mozzarella cheese is made. And then we were served a delicious pasta lunch made with the fresh cheese, tomatoes, and olive oil from the farm. I was surprised when the hosts came around to see if the children had any special meal requests. So Jasmine was able to have pasta with butter and parmesan cheese, just the way she likes it!

    Italian Coast

     After lunch, we traveled over to Pompeii. We spent the rest of the day learning about the people who had lived there before the explosion of Mt Vesuvius. It was fascinating. Jasmine and I both took lots of pictures. Jasmine was annoyed by the people who had left cigarette butts and empty water bottles on the ground. She said that people should realize it’s a privilege to be there.  



    It was very hot, and we were exhausted by the end of the day.  But Goofy was waiting to welcome us back to the ship, which was very nice.  And once back onboard we went straight up to the pool.


    The highlight of the evening for Jasmine, was putting on her pirate costume to go meet Capt Jack Sparrow for an autograph and picture.


     Our towel animal tonight, courtesy of our stateroom hostess was a peacock. 


    Tomorrow we’ll be relaxing on the beach in Sardinia!

  • 1st Day at Sea and Palermo (17-18 June)

    We had a great time on our first full day on the ship.  We had awesome weather.  I relaxed out on deck while Jasmine went down the slide in the Mickey pool, and swam in the Goofy pool.  During the Fun in the Sun games, Jasmine got to dance with Chip and Dale.  Then we had to rush up to one of the 2-bedroom suites on the ship for a meet and greet with the rest of the MedHead friends we met on the DisBoards.  The Roy suite is absolutely gorgeous, and it was really sweet of our friends to invite us up for a tour. 

    Then it was time to get all gussied up for formal night.  After dinner we walked the red carpet at the “Golden Mickeys” show.  After the show, we went to an After Party where Jasmine danced the night away with Minnie Mouse, Goofy, and Max.  It was so much fun to see her enjoying herself so much.  Then she went to the Oceaneer Lab and I met up with some friends in the Adults Only nightclub area.



    We paid for our late night partying though, when we had to get up at 0730 for our Palermo shore excursion.  We did a half-day tour that included a short city tour, and a trip to a castle.  Inside the castle, the kids got to paint some ceramics to take home for souvenirs, and we all had a gelato treat.  Then we went over to a marionette show, which was really funny.  It was all in Italian, but the kids seemed to follow along without any problems.


    We took it easy tonight, as we have a full day in Pompeii and Sorrento tomorrow. 


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